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For 34 years, Insperity has been transforming businesses and fostering growth in communities nationwide. From scaling HR solutions to offering premium services and advanced technologies – they provide unbeatable benefits that enable companies to propel their success year after year. With $4.3 billion annual revenues plus 80 office locations across the U.S., it’s no wonder thousands of organizations are feeling the positive power of Insperity!

Company History – Insperity PEO

  • Founded: April 1986
  • Headquarters: Houston, Texas
  • Number of locations: 80+ 2020
  • Revenues: $4.3B
  • Number of corporate employees: 3,500+
  • Number of Clients/customers: 100,000+
  • Stock Exchange/Ticker: NYSE/NSP

Insperity’s products and services

HR for small business

Don’t sweat the small stuff – step up your HR game with our tailored service for businesses of all sizes.

  • Fortune 500-level employee benefits
  • Payroll and HR administration
  • HR-related compliance assistance
  • Personalized HR guidance
  • All-in-one HR technology

HR for the middle market

Get ahead of the growth curve with a powerful HR solution that helps middle market businesses take off.

  • Competitive employee benefits options
  • Scalable HR and payroll administration infrastructure
  • Risk mitigation and HR-related compliance
  • Professional HR support and consulting
  • Advanced workforce technology and analytics

HCM + HR Technology Suite

Our HCM solution offers a comprehensive package of services and tech to simplify your workflow, freeing you up for bigger things.

  • Benefits administration
  • Automated payroll and HR administration
  • HR-related compliance tools and support
  • Workforce management technology
  • As-needed support from an HR service team

Benefits of using Insperity’s PEO services

Direct Savings

With Insperity, you get access to superior medical care at an economical price. Plus, we collect Medical and Workers Comp in real time – this means no more writing big checks for future expenses! As soon as someone leaves your business, the payment stops automatically; with traditional providers they expect a lump sum regardless of employee turnover. With our streamlined systems communicating constantly in sync—no one is getting left out on important notifications like COBRA either. Let us lighten up that cash flow burden today!

Indirect Savings

Struggling with antiquated timekeeping, mountains of paperwork and annoying HR interruptions? Let Insperity lighten the load. Our experienced team takes care of tedious tasks like PTO tracking and multi-state compliance to free up your day so you can focus on what really matters – increasing sales & market share.

Future Costs

Insperity’s large group plan offers you more control over medical increases than a small company could on its own. Plus, with the Insperity offering – and 300k lives associated it – our single digit average increase in costs across 10 years proves that we’ll protect your budget! Even better? Consider us as your strategic HR partner if hiring new staff – ensuring compliance at all levels while managing both medical plans and cost containment for optimal savings success.

Nice To Have Items

Get Fortune 500 perks for your business without the hassle: a risk-free FSA, HSA and more; an intranet plus discounts and shopping deals via Insperity Marketplace. Plus give employees relevant training classes – all connected together to make it effortless!

Insperity’s PEO Services – Competitive advantages

  • Insperity’s customer service team is a knowledgeable squad of dedicated professionals, ready to lend their expertise.
  • Insperity offers an all-inclusive HR solution, from payroll to benefits and beyond – each tailored to empower your business.
  • Insperity supports professional growth with access to 5K+ self-paced courses and 30K online books – your personal library for success!

Insperity’s prominent clients

Insperity’s PEO – Rating and User reviews

Capterra – 5 / 5 Stars
G2 – 3.8 / 5 Stars

What is Insperity’s pricing?

Frequently Asked Questions

Insperity will handle payroll, reporting, HR portal for both managers and employees, time & attendance technology, training, HR guidance (employee handbooks, hiring, onboarding, etc.), medical, dental, vision, workers comp & ancillary insurance, and a lot more.

Insperity charges a flat dollar amount per employee per month for the Payroll, HR, and technology services. Every one of our 10,000+ clientshasindividualized healthcare costs.

By going directly to the insurance carrier, Insperity purchases a fully insured, self-funded plan for their employees and clients. The insurance carrier provides a base cost for each different plan Insperity offers that is far lower than the open market rate.

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