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EOR PEO latest Mar 05 2023 week

In times of a downturn, it is incredible how the sentiment in the EOR PEO market continues to be strong.

Deloitte says Companies are struggling with remote work policy

Deloitte just released its global survey on the Remote Work model of businesses called “Remote, controlled – This changes everything.” Deloitte surveyed more than 820 tax, HR, finance, tax, mobility, and payroll professionals across the globe to take their perspectives and objectives responses on how they have approached remote and hybrid work practices and policies as practitioners.

You can download the entire report and the executive summary as well from this link. The EORPEO team will also put out a response to this report soon.

80% of those surveyed said they allow some level of hybrid work to support team members. It is not surprising that most companies confide that it is a trade-off between talent strategies including culture and compliance related to tax and business. E.g. Only 67% of the companies surveyed had policies that mandate that team members must have the immigration right to work in remote work locations. What about the remaining 33%? It looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

EOR Kazakhstan, anyone?

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘Kazakhstan’?

Erstwhile USSR, the world’s latest landlocked country, and a mysterious place – it is natural to have these as first impressions. But, Kazakhstan is also a promising tech talent market.

As part of the erstwhile Soviet Union, it is not improbable that tech talent here is versatile similar to the current talent available in Russia. Let us not bring in the Ukraine war to complicate this piece.

Central Asia headquartered EOR Services provider Truss announced an office in Kazakhstan. Truss’ idea is to plug the tech talent pool gap in western countries. The reasons to look at Kazakhstan are as under,

  • Low attrition rate
  • Good English communication skills
  • Tech talent boom

So next time you are looking to bring on board tech talent from Russia or Eastern Europe, do swing by Kazakhstan.

PEO fraud comes to the fore in workers’ compensation insurance

Not all press releases are PR. Some like this one do carry material value.

But, it is an unfortunate news item. It is a case of PEO fraud where the perpetrators have been sentenced. California Department of Insurance investigation found that the owners of Bison Workforce Solutions, a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) based outside Atlanta, Georgia, perpetrated a $54 million workers’ compensation insurance fraud scheme.

The fraud is nothing short of bizarre.

Bison used its own insurance to issue fraudulent certificates of insurance to its customers. At times, it also used existing workers’ compensation insurance certificates of customers to issue more coverage. The fraud goes deeper. Bison also started paying out claims to honor its false insurance certificates. It is only when the claims went unpaid that this matter came to the fore. This case was jointly investigated by the California Department of Insurance and the Georgia Department of insurance.

EORPEO.com has highlighted the importance of peo risk management both by the PEO service provider and the PEO buyer. While we expect the highest standards of ethics by PEO suppliers, it is to be noted that PEO buyers would do well to adopt ‘caveat emptor.’

Lexology 4-part series on how to partner with a PEO?

Lexology recently concluded its 4-part blog series on how to partner with a PEO. We have been covering Lexology’s work through this column. Lexology is making a genuine effort to evangelize the right global worker models for businesses looking for a global footprint.

Here is the 4 part series for your perusal.

Happy study!

Table of Contents

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