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Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) has revolutionized the way organizations manage their HR functions. To harness the full potential of HRO, it’s essential to understand the various engagement models available. Each model offers distinct advantages, and the right choice depends on an organization’s specific needs and goals. In this blog, we’ll explore the different engagement models in HRO, helping you make informed decisions about outsourcing HR functions.

Transactional Model

The transactional engagement model in HRO is suitable for organizations seeking to outsource specific HR processes or tasks on a per-transaction basis. This model is characterized by:


Clients are billed based on the number of transactions or HR processes they outsource.


Organizations can choose which specific HR functions to outsource, making it ideal for those with limited outsourcing needs.

Typical outsourced tasks under this model include payroll processing, benefits administration, and background checks.

Project-Based Model

The project-based engagement model is used when organizations require HR outsourcing for specific projects or initiatives. Key features include:

Defined Scope: 

The outsourcing engagement is limited to a particular project or initiative, such as recruitment for a major expansion.

Temporary Commitment: 

Organizations can engage HRO providers for the duration of the project, ensuring cost efficiency.

This model is excellent for managing short-term HR requirements without a long-term commitment.

Co-Sourcing Model

Co-sourcing combines in-house HR capabilities with outsourced expertise. It allows organizations to retain control over certain HR functions while leveraging external support for others. Key characteristics include:

Collaborative Approach: 

Organizations work in partnership with HRO providers to handle specific HR functions.

Shared Responsibility: 

The client and HRO provider share responsibilities according to their strengths and expertise.

Co-sourcing offers flexibility and enables organizations to maintain a level of control over their HR processes while benefiting from external expertise.

End-to-End Outsourcing Model

The end-to-end outsourcing model is a comprehensive approach where organizations outsource their entire HR function to a specialized service provider. This model involves:

Complete HR Function Outsourcing: 

All HR functions, from payroll and recruitment to benefits administration and compliance, are handled by the HRO provider.

Strategic Partnership: 

Organizations form a strategic partnership with the provider to optimize HR processes and reduce costs.

This model is suitable for organizations looking to achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings by entrusting all HR functions to a dedicated expert.

Hybrid Model

The hybrid model combines elements of multiple engagement models to create a customized outsourcing solution. It provides flexibility and allows organizations to tailor their HRO arrangement according to their unique needs. Key aspects include:


Organizations can choose which HR functions to outsource and which to keep in-house.


The hybrid model allows for adjustments as organizational needs evolve.

This model is highly adaptable and can cater to diverse HR requirements within a single organization.

Choosing the Right Engagement Model

Selecting the appropriate engagement model in HRO requires a thorough assessment of an organization’s current HR capabilities, objectives, and budget. Factors such as the size of the organization, industry, and long-term strategic goals should be considered.

Ultimately, the right engagement model can significantly impact an organization’s HR efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ability to focus on core business activities. Whether it’s transactional, project-based, co-sourcing, end-to-end outsourcing, or a hybrid approach, HRO engagement models offer a flexible array of options to suit the unique needs of each organization.

Table of Contents

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